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Paddleboard and Surfboard Rentals right on the Beach

Surfboard, Paddleboard, Wetsuit rentals plus all your beach needs.

SUP Instructor course Advanced Flatwater

Paddle Canada Instructor Certification

A passion for experiential learning

Emre Bosut, owner of SWELL Education (former co-owner/co-creator of Tashii Paddle) is passionate about sharing is love for learning and the ocean. It's his pursuit of surfing that lead Emre to Tofino and his passion for life long experiential learning is the backbone of SWELL Education; creating a friendly and positive environment for everyone to share a love for being in the swell.

Meet Our Guides

SUP Surfing Lesson

SUP Surfing on Canada's West Coast

Psychological First Aid Self Care

Online mental health training

Tofino Inlet Paddleboard Tour

Explore the calmest and most relaxing area to paddle right in Tofino.

Covid-19 update on First Aid procedures for Reopening

The tourism industry is getting ready for re-opening in June. However we will be operating in a covid-19 environment and this means updating our procedures. As we plan for re-opening, there is alot of new information to absorb.  To help, I've compi

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