Contest Tofino Paddle Surf SUP Invitational

July 22nd, 2014

Standup Paddleboard surfing in Tofino bcThe Canadian SUP Surf National Qualifiers are coming to Tofino BC! In 2014 the Canadian Surf SUP Invitational will be a two day event running October 24 to October 25.

T’ashii Paddle School is excited to offer SUP Surf Courses throughout the month of October leading up to the contest tofino paddle surf sup invitational.

So what is SUP surfing in Tofino all about? Check out our latest video Tofino SUP Episode 3: The longest ride.

Introducing T’ashii Paddle School’s TOFINO SUP COURSES:

SUP SURFING – 2 DAYS including gear and accommodation$348/person double occupancy ($398 single occupancy).

T’ashii Paddle School’s SUP Surfing courses are the best way to develop your SUP Surfing skills in Canada’s surf capital. With small group sizes (maximum of 4 people), join expert instructor Emre Bosut for a 2 day skill building course with a focus on time in the water.

T’ashii’s Tofino SUP Surf Courses include all gear and accommodation at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn, located on the calm inlet side of Tofino. In addition, we’re mobile! That’s right, T’ashii has the ability to bring you to the beast location based on the conditions, from Long Beach to Mazkenzie, a full verity of surf beaches provide a diversity in surfing conditions.

Please ask about option to extend your stay.

Course Dates:

October 3 – October 5 – 2 day SUP Surfing

October 7 – October 9 – 2 day SUP Surfing

October 17 – October 19 – 2 day SUP Surfing

October 22 – October 23 – 2 day Advanced SUP Clinic

October 27 – October 28 – New SUP Instructor Roll-out! (details to come)

SUP Surfing Course overview:

Arrival Day: Greeting, course overview, basic theory on surf and choosing the right spot.

Day 1 morning: Introduction to the surf zone, board control, paddling out, feeling comfortable in the surf zone, intro to catching waves.

Day 1 afternoon: Catching waves, riding down the line.

Day 1 evening: Video analysis, surf etiquette and theory.

Day 2 morning: Surfing a new spot, building comfort in larger waves, carving.

Day 2 afternoon: optional afternoon fun session!

Don’t miss out on October surf month! Call T’ashii Paddle School to book 250.266.3787 or 1.855.883.3787