We’re excited to be opening our doors, but the health and safety of our staff and guests is most important. To protect each other we ask staff and guests to follow Covid-19 safety protocol.

Lessons / Tours / Rentals

Maintaining physical distance

  • We’re lucky to have an outdoor rental area at the beach. However we ask you to be patient. We will only be allowing one group at a time in the check in area.
  • If you are waiting in line we have 2m physical distancing spots flagged. Gear pick up and drop of areas are located at the beach 100ft away from the check in.
  • You will check in, sign paperwork, make payment, then pick up your great away from the check in.
  • When dropping gear off guests will pre-wash their own gear, return wetsuits in bins provided, and return boards to designated drop off area away form the other areas.

Where a mask if closer than 2m

  • We will work to maintain physical distancing through the check in process. When this is not possible we will wear a mask, if you have your own mask its a great time to use it as well!

Frequent hand washing

  • We have hand sanitizer stations set up around our rental shed. We ask everyone to wash their hands before entering the space.  Disinfect commonly used surfaces

Disinfect commonly used surfaces

  • We will be disinfecting commonly used surfaces with bleach and water.

Sanitize rental equipment

  • Our equipment is sanitized with soap and water after every use and allowed to dry before the next use.  Do not enter if you are sick

Do not enter if you are sick

  • Unfortaunatly we can’t help guests that are sick. If you have come in contact with Covid-19 or experience any of the following symptoms please stay home:
  • fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and new muscle aches or headache.


First Aid Courses

All participants must abide by the following safety measure (this is also covered in the registration form):

  •  Stay home if you have symptoms of illness before class.
  • All participants MUST WEAR A MASK to enter the classroom and complete training (if you don’t have one please get in touch, we have options you can purchase).
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2m from others whenever possible and wear as mask when not.
  • Follow hand washing protocols (wash hands at the beginning and end of class, before and after meals and snacks, before and after skill practice sessions).