January in Tofino

January 5th, 2022

What can you do in the winter time in Tofino? A lot of businesses will temporarily close and the pace of life will slow down in the town. Not Swell Tofino, we are going to be open every day of the week in January and all the months coming after! Come visit us at our store at Hotel Zed! Our location at Mackenzie Beach is temporarily closed till the weather starts warming up again.

Our opening hours for January are:

Monday – Sunday: 10AM – 5PM

We still offer Group and Private surf lessons as well as Tofino Inlet Stand up Paddle tours! If you have enough experience yourself, then come by the Swell Shop and rent some gear!

Surf lessons and Inlet tours

Our talented surf instructors are ready to take you on a unique experience. Snow on the beaches, won’t stop those beautiful waves. If anything, it will make it more special. Our instructors will show you all you need to know to feel comfortable out there in the surf and improve your skills!

For group lesson bookings you can book it on our website using the following link: https://swelltofino.com/tofino-surf-lesson/

For private lessons or group lesson enquiries give us a call on the following phone number: 1 250 266 3787

Are you interested in improving your SUP skills whilst being on an incredible tour of the Tofino Inlet over the Mudflats, please give us a ring on the number above or send us an email to info@swelltofino.com.

Rental gear

In our Swell shop located at the right side of the building of Hotel Zed ( The colourful building on the highway) we have a great selection of winter wetsuits, all the wetsuit accessories and good range of sizes in Hard and Soft Top Surfboards as well as Paddleboards with paddles and SUP surfboards.

To rent gear, just come say hi in our shop or pre book by following the next link:  https://swelltofino.com/hotel-zed-rentals/


Thanks for joining us this January!

The Swell Crew