New Tofino SUP surfing video

April 12th, 2017

Wild Coast a film about SUP surfing by Lee Visual. Showcasing the progression of Canadian SUP surfing on the West Coast of BC.

Working on Wild Coast with Kelsey Thompson of Lee Visual was a treat. The film features Emre Bosut narrating over breathtaking scenery and moves into progressive SUP Surfing from Emre and Glen Pearson.

Filming took just over one week to capture and it sure was a cool experience to work with such a professional in the industry. We shot at a few “secret” locations around Tofino and spent early mornings and long days out ensuring we captured the correct shots. One day for example, we hiked in for an hour to get to the correct spot. As well, Filming from the water was a fun component as well, the goal is to try to surf extremely close to the photographer, which seems counter-intuitive at first.

The film was commissioned by Blackfish Paddles, providing high-quality paddles based out of Squamish BC.

We hope you enjoy the film!