Paddleboard Surf Lessons


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Learn To Catch Your First Waves On A SUP or Take Your Surfing To The Next Level

Beginner to Advanced paddle surfing lessons: Experience the exhilaration of catching and riding waves on a stand up paddleboard!

Our stand up paddle board lessons cover the basics of paddle boarding in the surf zone and focus on catching waves. We offer the most concise lesson progression developed by owner and Paddle Canada instructor trainer Emre Bosut. The focus is staying safe, covering the basics of control and getting out to catch as many waves a possible!

Let us lead you into the surf. We teach the required skills to accelerate, drop in, surf waves and to safely get back out through the breaking waves once you’ve caught rides in. For advanced surfers we expand into riding down the line, effective bottom turns, carving, and getting the most out of your ride.

Private Lessons

All our SUP surfing lessons are private lessons.

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing Lessons Include:

  • Expert instruction from Paddle Canada SUP instructors. Group sizes are kept small (4 people per instructor).
  • Customized location to make use of the best surf and learning conditions. Lessons usually take place at South Chesterman beach.
  • All gear is provided including wet suit and surf style stand up paddleboard.

Who Can Take Part In SUP Surfing Lesson?

Its nice to know the basics of paddling before challenging yourself in the surf. SUP Surfing lessons are ideal for paddlers with some basic paddle boarding experience or first time paddlers that are up for a good challenge!