SUP Surfing in Tofino

September 3rd, 2014

Stand up paddle board surfing in Tofino. Courses and Clinics coming up!

September SUP Surfing in Tofino:

SUP Surfing tofino

Join us for a special 2 hour SUP Surfing Clinic on September 14th (day after Paddle for the Planet). This clinic is run by donation. Donations go to support World Paddle for the Planet Day. Read More.

October SUP Surfing in Tofino, 2 Day SUP Surfing Courses and Instructor Certification Rollout:

tofino surf sup

October sees the launch of our 2 Day Tofino SUP Surfing Courses! We are offering our fist round of courses at a very special industry rate of $99/person including 2 nights accommodation at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn. Click here for more info. 

Oct 1 – Oct 3: Basic SUP Surfing (for paddlers new to the surf environment).

Oct 21 – Oct 23: Advanced SUP Surfing (for paddlers looking to gain new skills in surf and become comfortable in more challenging conditions).

Oct 25 – Oct 26t: Surf SUP Invitational in Tofino (2 day SUP Surfing Contest).

Oct 27 – Oct 29: Rollout of SUP Surf Instructor Certification (West Coast Certified).

Surf SUP in Tofino