Tofino Paddle Surf Contest – Wave of the Day

October 20th, 2015

Team T’ashii is getting stoked for the 2nd Tofino Paddle Surf Contest

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Its that time of the year again! Where paddle surfers from around the globe (or at least the west coast) flock to Tofino for the beginning of the swell season and to catch some great waves on their paddle boards… of course its also the 2nd Annual Tofino Paddle Surf Invitational.

Team T’ashii is spreading the love by sharing video of our WAVE OF TH DAY as we hit up all the secret spots along the coast in Tofino.

Wave of the Day – October 19

Wave of the Day – October 20

Morning and evening session today. Its great to practice on different size waves on different breaks. One of the great things about Tofino is the variety of beaches. Figuring it all out is the framework of making a great surfer.

Wave of the Day – October 21

Beautiful small clean lines making for some quick turns today. And some very interesting camera angles!