Tofino Winter Activities – Things to do

December 23rd, 2014

New Winter Tours this Winter in Tofino

The winter is a beautiful time on the west coast! The ocean comes alive with swell, the winter light gives the rainforest a special feel, and a new group of birds make their winter home along the protected inlet waters. T’ashii Paddle School is open year round and excited to explore some of our favorite outdoor getaways with you.

Our winter tours are a great way to get outside, learn about the environment and First Nations culture. Or get on the water and learn paddleboarding still as we explore the calmest place to paddle in Tofino, well protected from the large winter storms.

Our winter tours are offered daily, give us a call to book 250-266-3787 or book online!

Cultural Guided Walks on the Schooner Cove Trail: Learn about First Nations culture and the rainforest as you explore old growth red cedars and sitka spruce down this boardwalk trail that leads you to the beach. Tour time is 11am daily. Group pricing starting at $80. Tour is 2.5 hours.

Tofino Inlet Paddleboarding: Get out on the water! Learn paddleboarding skills and explore the ecology of the protected mudflats. We provide all the gear and instruction you need for a relaxing group paddle on the clam inlet waters right in Tofino. Tour times change based on tides, see the link for our daily tour times. $65/person includes all gear and instruction. Tour is 2 hours.