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May 31st, 2013

Tofino Weather and Surf June 4, 2013:

Video of Tofino Weather and Surf Report for Today:

Calm beautiful day in Tofino. No wind,  nice foggy morning due to cooler high pressure that’s settled in. Wind swell continues to drop. Expect the first pulse of the longer period swell by this afternoon. Longer period swell should be here more prominently by tomorrow. Wind expected to be NW again by the afternoon.

Swell and Wind conditions:

4ft 6 seconds and dropping. Wind



Tofino Weather and Surf June 3, 2013:

Wind swell continues to die down. Variable winds in the morning with predicted NW in the afternoon. We will not be getting the strong NW winds that the north island is predicted to get.

Swell and Wind conditions so far:

7ft at 8 seconds early morning. light south winds.

5ft at 7 seconds as the morning progresses. Winds remaining south for the moment.

Wind did switch to NW 10 knots in the afternoon.


Tofino Weather and Surf June 2, 2013:

Pulse of wind swell has arrived. The sun is shining. Wind was calm this morning and as of 10:30AM is still light SW, but expected to become NW later in the day. Its an all round beautiful day in Tofino.

Swell and Wind conditions so far:

6ft at 6 seconds since early morning. Wind SW 8 knots.

This wind swell is forecast to pick up through the day and decrease through Monday and Tuesday. The high pressure is here and should last for the next couple days bringing NW winds.


Tofino Weather and Surf June 1, 2013:

Decreasing WSW swell continues.  La Parouse Bank bouy has continued to drop through the day. Light south winds are keeping the surf looking clean and bringing warm temperatures. Aside from the surf, its a great calm warm day for paddling, playing outside, being at the beach and enjoying the beginning of summer.

Swell and wind conditions so far :

3.5 ft at 8 seconds this morning. Light winds.

2.6 ft at 8 seconds at noon. Wind South 5 knots.

Wind expected to shift to NW this evening and pick up through the day tomorrow.

The small low that has approached has kept the wind light and the weather warm. Its a great calm day at the beach and with the Rip Curl Pro on at Cox Bay it should be nice social day at the beach.

A small jump in swell is expected for tomorrow (Sunday) Morning, with a larger wind swell to follow in the afternoon as well as stronger NW winds. Best bet for surf over the weekend, early Sunday morning, hit it up before the comp! on hand on till Wed. In the mean time, enjoy the arrival of the sun.



Tofino Weather and Surf May 31, 2013:

Decreasing WSW swell through the day. La Parouse Bank bouy has been slowly dropping through the day with:

7ft, 11 seconds over night. Wind light

5ft, 9 seconds this morning. Wind ENE 4knots

4ft, 8 seconds this afternoon. WSW 10 knots this afteroon, dropped to W 5 knots this evening.

Forecast: Small low approaching Saturday, bringing east winds and rain. This will be followed by high pressure settling in with NW winds of 20 knots on Sunday.

Swell Forecast: Swell is forecast to continue to drop through Saturday. A short burst of increased mid period swell on Sunday. Looks like another miss for surf conditions for the Rip Curl Pro this weekend… But, looking ahead. The rest of the week starting Wednesday looks more promising.  Wednesday sees the arrival of a mid period swell from a low off the Aleutian Islands for a 4 foot swell with  11 second period sustaining itself for a couple days… Then, big south swell forecast for the weekend.