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A lifetime of paddling and surf experience. Over 9 years of operation in Tofino. Fun compassionate surf  and outdoor education is what we’re about.

Emre Bosut owner and creator of Swell Tofino (Swell Education Ltd. | Swell Paddle + Surf Tofino) has been on the pursuit of surf for most of his life. Swell is the latest way for Emre to share his passion for being in the ocean.

Swell Tofino actually started off as T’ashii Paddle School with origins of the company dating back to 2012 when Emre and Tsimka Martin began offering Paddling and outdoor education for tourism and locals. In 2019 the paddleboarding, surfing and first aid products of T’ashii were moved over to Emre’s new company Swell Education Ltd.

Learning while having fun in the water and the outdoors is our passion.

2021 is an exciting year at Swell. We’re now open in two locations. AT THE BEACH (at Mackenzie Beach Resort) and ON THE INLET (at Hotel Zed) offering surfing and paddleboarding lessons and surfing, paddleboarding and bike rentals to meet all your beach needs. We’re excited to help you live the Tofino Beach Life through rentals and instruction so we can share our passion while  continuing to grow and learn with the new energy that life and the ocean provides.

Meet Our Team:

Emre Bosut

Owner, Surfer, Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer and Red Cross first aid instructor. Paddling and surfing has accompanied Emre on his journey through life. It Started off in a whitewater kayak searching for waves along the shores of Lake Ontario where he grew up in Burlington. It's been a long and exciting journey, working across the country and internationally as a guide and instructor, to his current home in Tofino BC, where the waves are much bigger. One thing that hasn't changed is Emre's love of being on the water, which today is usually on a paddleboard or surfboard.

Emre is passionate about instruction and learning along with people. He is excited to be developing Canada's most comprehensive SUP  and Surf instruction resources drawing upon his instructional expereince of working as an instructor and guide throughout is processional life.  Emre's past experience includes instructing guiding programs (the COLT Program, Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training), Whitewater kayak instruction with Madawaska Kanu Center, Sea Kayak guiding in Clayoquot Sound with Paddle West Kayaking, first aid instructing as a Canadian Red Cross first aid instructor and most recently a Paddle Canada SUP Instructor Trainer and chair of the Paddle Canada SUP development committee.

Emre is always stoked to share his love for catching waves and learning in the outdoors. If he's not figuring new ways to share the world of paddling and surfing with others, you know where he can be found: In the surf.

Bridget Broussard
Operations Manager

If you've spotted a girl with a huge smile on her face shredding at a beach in tofino, you know you've met Bridget Broussard. Hailing from the east coast, Bridget grew up in the water. Her love of the ocean developed as a child when her family would often spend the entire summer camped out on the beach in rural Nova Scotia. After moving to Tofino when she was 18, she discovered her passion for surfing. Since then, her life has revolved around the sport. She spent 2 years honing her skills at some of the finest breaks in Australia before moving back to the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island to develop her skills as an instructor. Qualified with the International Surf Association as a level 1 and level 2 surf instructor, her passion shines through in her teaching and she is always stoked to pass on her wisdom and knowledge.

Ali Rousseau
Lead surf instructor

Woah look at Mr. Serious here! This guy’s name is Ali, and besides when he’s focused on a wave, this guy is actually all smiles, a true bundle of enthusiasm and pure stoke! Ali comes from the East of Canada, where he had not ever seen oceans or waves, and yet deep down he knew he wanted to be a surfer. He got here by what you would call a series of happy accidents, and now 4 years later, he lives life to the fullest, helping people enjoy the best Tofino has to offer, it’s waves! Having been a surf instructor since 2021, Ali quickly discovered a true passion for teaching others about the thing he loves the most in the world, the ocean and the surf! Now a certified ISA level 1 instructor, you’d see Ali outside of working hours out there in “the deep blue” elegantly riding his favorite longboard, enjoying life one wave at a time!

Aran Rooney
Administration Manager/Surf Instructor
Aran is our import from the waves of the Irish Northwest, a bundle of energy he is happiest when near the ocean. Surfing for the last 12 years he has developed a taste for waves around the world with his favorite break in Easkey, Ireland. Aran will surf anything. Anytime. Anywhere! Here in Tofino, you’ll find him out on days when no one else wants to go. He’s charging in wind, rain, sun or snow… Sometimes we think he likes paddling more than surfing. He found his way to Tofino in 2023 after leaving behind the corporate world to focus on the surfing lifestyle. Aran is ISA Level 1 certified and has years of high level multisports coaching so he’s the perfect choice when looking to improve your surfing.