Surfboard and Wetsuit rentals in Tofino

It’s easy to get all your Tofino beach rental needs from Swell Tofino, we’re located by the highway close to the beach at Hotel Zed, or right on Mackenzie Beach at the lower campground at Mackenzie Beach resort.

Check out all our products for surfboard and wetsuit rentals in Tofino below. You don’t have to pre-book, we have an easy rental process if you show up. We do also have online rentals available so you can also book ahead of time to assure we have your gear.



BLU WAVE softop surfboard, we have 3 different sizes:

Intermediate surfer – 7′ x 24″ x 3.4 @ 66L

Begginer/intermediate – 8′ x 24″ x 3.5 @ 77L

Begginer – 9′ x 24″ x 3.5 @ 94L


NSP Performance Funboard – 7’2 x 21″ x 2″ @ 49L


NSP Performance Longboard – 8′ x 22″2.75″ @ 56.9L


Boogie Board


Skimboard (we have different sizes)


Gloves – BARE gloves 3mm

Booties – Xcel 5mm /BARE 5mm

Hood – Xcel 3mm

Wetsuit – Xcel Male/Female/Kids 5mm