2016 Year of the SUP

January 11th, 2016

New Paddle Canada SUP courses are out!

Paddleboarding in Tofino continues to evolve and push limits on the west coast. And we know 2016 is going to be the best year yet. At T’ashii Paddle School we’re excited to announce our 2016 Paddle Canada course dates.

Paddle Canada SUP Skills courses in Tofino

Want to take your stand up paddleboarding skills to the next level. Check out our Paddle Canada Skills courses. These courses focus on building new skills in a safe, enjoyable environment. From basic to advanced skills courses in stand up paddleboard surfing or touring, let us lead you through a progression designed from a local perspective that allows you to make the most of west coast paddling.

paddle canada sup surfing 

SUP Surfing Level 1 – The basics of SUP surfing, from catching your first wave, to controlling your board in the surf zone. Build the skills to go out and catch waves on your won no matter where you are.


SUP Surfing Level 2 – Advanced SUP surfing. Okay, so you’re catching waves, but what now? Gain confidence in more challenging surf. We’ll take you to the best spots to improve your skills. Learn to carve, use your rails, and improve your wave reading. Get the most out of your SUP surfing.

tofino paddleboarding

Touring Level 2 (Vargas Island Camping) – Explore the best that the west coast as to offer. A self support SUP camping trip to Vargas island. Explore remote beaches on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Paddle Canada SUP Instructor courses in Tofino

Get certified as a SUP instructor and teach your own Paddle Canada courses. For the first time in Paddle Canada history we’re offering advanced level SUP instructor courses. The focus year, stand up paddleboard touring. Learn to teach navigation skills and lead longer paddleboarding excursions.


SUP Instructor course Touring Level 1 – Become a Paddle Canada touring level 1 instructor. Learn to teach navigation skills, group planning, safety and logistics involved with leading full day excursions.

sup camping

SUP Instructor course Touring Level 2 – Lead muli-day paddleboarding trips. The highest level touring instructor. Lean the intricacies of leading your won SUP camping trips.

Custom Paddle Canada Courses

Want to organize a customized Paddle Canada course for a group? We have the ability to run customized SUP courses in surfing, touring, or instructing. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout!