How do I maintain my Paddle Canada certifications?

May 2nd, 2019

Paddle Canada a national paddling organization lists all its regulations in the program manual for each paddling stream.

Check out details of the Paddle Canada SUP Program

Paddle Canada SUP Program manual click here

How to maintain your Paddle Canada Instructor certification:

  1. Maintain annual membership.
  2. Every 4 years; one or more of the professional development options below:
  • • Option 1 complete a Paddle Canada Professional Development clinic in your stream, at your level,* or
  • Option 2 complete a higher Paddle Canada instructor course in that same stream, or
  • Option complete a customized set of requirements set and evaluated by an appropriate instructor trainer (IT)*. The requirements must test paddling skills, teaching skills and current best practices and could include written or practical tests, video submissions and in-person evaluations.

Renewing an IT certification automatically renews the related instructor certifications.

If you don’t pay your annual membership your Instructor Certification will become Lapsed.

  • To regain active certification, the lapsed instructor who is in their first year of default must complete the annual requirements. The lapsed instructor who has defaulted longer than one year must complete the annual requirements and pay the lapsed surcharge.


How to maintain your Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer (IT) certification:

Information about the Instructor Trainer program can be difficult to find as there is a seperate IT manual (the link hidden within the SUP Program Manual on p. 84). Check it out, or follow the link here: PADDLE CANANDA INSTRUCTOR TRAINER DEVELOPMENT MANUAL 

The IT certification period expires on December 31st of the fourth year from the date of certification, provided the annual requirements are met as outlined below.

Annual Requirements

  1. Maintain annual membership in Paddle Canada.
  2. Attend an annual IT meeting in person or via teleconference for each applicable discipline (canoe, river kayak, sea kayak or stand up paddleboard).

Quadrennial Requirements

The IT has until December 31st of the fourth year following certification, or certification renewal, to complete the following:

  • Register, teach and report at least one Paddle Canada instructor course.
  • Complete two of the professional contribution options below. Instructor-trainers can complete two different options, or the same option twice provided they are distinct. o Option 1: Mentor an apprentice IT.

o Option 2: Register, teach and report a professional development clinic.

o Option 3: Successfully complete another Paddle Canada instructor trainer certification.

o Option 4: Create a relevant and approved (by the PDC) instructor resource (meaning an article or video dealing with skills applicable to that stream).