August 8th, 2017

This fall’s Tofino SUP Surfing courses are here

Join us for Canada’s most comprehensive SUP Surfing Program

Over the past 5 years Emre Bosut has not only been working to progress SUP surfing on the west coast. With other T’ashii Paddle School instructors Emre has developed the most comprehensive approach and break down of SUP surfing skills creating a truly world class instructional program covering all elements of stand up paddleboard surfing. From catching your first waves to being able to perform bigger more aggressive moves on larger waves.

This September and October T’ashii has a number of SUP surfing courses to allow you to get the most out of your wave riding. Hope you can join us.


Paddle Canada SUP surfing weekend Sept 16 & 17 (SUP surfing level 1 Novice level)

Video Coaching (Novice and Advanced) full week before the Tofino SUP surfing contest Oct 14 – 19

West Coast SUP Symposium