December 9th, 2021

Swell Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! The Holiday Season!

People might think it is time for skiing and snowboarding, but not for us! Here at Swell Tofino we stay open during the cold months and provide you with the perfect winter gear to keep you warm during your Surfing experiences in Tofino. 

Swell Tofino RENTALS 

We have a bunch of gear ready to rent out for you. Just come and visit us at our Hotel Zed located surf shop Swell Tofino and we will guide you in the right direction with the perfect gear!

We offer a good range of sizes of

  • Soft top surfboards ( 7ft to 9ft)
  • Hard Top Surfboards ( 6ft8 to 8ft)
  • Winter Wetsuits 5/4mm with all the accessories (hood, boots and gloves)
  • Boogie and skimboards
  • SUPs ( inflatable with extra volume for stability SUP
  • Surf SUPs in a lot of different sizes


Our surf lessons will also not stop during the winter times and could be that perfect Christmas gift as well! Yes it is cold, but with the right surfing gear it is surprisingly nice and comfortable to be out there and get your first surf experiences.

Surfing with a white frosty backdrop is just amazing! Our Surf Instructors are all ready to take you out on a cold water adventure! 


We offer both Group and Private lessons, so feel free to book through our website here under the ‘SURFING’ tab at the top of the page or give us a call at: and we can do the booking for you!

All our Surf lessons include all the gear necessary and you also don’t have to worry about transporting boards to the beach yourself, our talented surf instructors will bring them for you.

Anyway all I wanted to say is that we are here for you during the December Holiday Season! We only close on Christmas and New Years day! 

Happy Holidays!!!