Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer Process

May 2nd, 2019

In 2017 the Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer Process was updated. Still today many IT’s are not familiar with where and how to access changes to this program. This article will help you get up to date with the process of IT Development. Please read through the development manual for all the details which all IT’s should be familiar with.

The Paddle Canada IT Process

IT Development Manual 

Step 1: Instructor Trainer Application Form (allow 2 – 3 weeks for review PDC)

Step 2: Online Training – once your application has been accepted by the PDC the ITC will receive an email with link to log on to the online training module.

Step 3: Instructor Course Apprenticeship – ITC will apprentice on at least two Instructor courses under the guidance of at least one Instructor Trainer. The ITC will normally act as a helpful assistant on the first course then take a significant leadership role in the second course. After each apprenticeship is completed the IT will submit an evaluation form online. Instructor Trainer Candidate Mentorship Evaluation Form

Step 4: Completion and Recommendation for Certification – IT mentor(s) will submit their recommendation for instructor trainer certification, on behalf of the candidate, to the Paddle Canada head office.