June 13th, 2021

Why learn to surf during your trip to Tofino

If you want to experience the best Tofino can offer, you gotta go surfing!!

If you are just taking your  first steps into surfing or even wondering how to surf, you should include a surf lesson on your Tofino to-do list.

Tofino is blessed with waves almost every day, we have great beginner’s waves and sand bar beaches make it safer for beginners..

Tofino is the best surf spot on Canada’s West Coast, and if you are visiting the town you’ll feel the surfing culture is everywhere.

What to expect from a surf lesson with Swell Tofino

Booking a surf lesson is the safest way to start surfing, and also the best way to get better faster.

How is our surf lesson flow?

We meet at our Shop located at Zed Hotel, at this point you show up and our staff already have all the gear sorted for you. So it’s time to try your wetsuit!!

After trying your gear, you’ll meet our instructors at the designated beach.

Every day our team checks the forecast conditions and chooses the best spot for our surf.

The lesson starts with a beach talk where we teach you everything you need to know about currents, popping up on the board, and how to keep yourself safe on the water.

After training the movements on the sand, it’s time to surf! Our Surf Instructor will be close the whole time and make sure you are safe and doing everything right to progress easily.

After an average of 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes in the water, it’s time for the last call!! So you’ll take one more wave and we go back to the sand.

Back on the sand it’s the perfect time to take some pictures and ask your final questions. Then we go to the parking lot, get changed, return your gear to the Instructor and go enjoy the rest of your day!!

Why should you consider a Surf Lesson?

What if someone gives you some pro techniques about how to paddle efficiently without just getting tired and the easy and stable way to do a pop-up!!!

The surf lesson covers all the body movements to make sure any beginners who have never surfed before catch their first waves.

There are a few ways to start surfing, but there are also some techniques and safety measures that will make your experience go to the next level, and the surf lesson will cover all those details.

In your surf lesson, you’ll have an instructor with the lifesaving course certification to guarantee your safety. Also, our crew checks all the conditions of surfing every day to make sure we are taking our students to a safe and fun place to catch the first wave.


Give us a call/text message or send us an email if you have any doubts.

You can also book online here.