Tofino Winter Surfing

November 28th, 2023

As the days become shorter and the water becomes colder the die hard surfers emerge in the North West. With all the advances in wetsuits and accessories we can now spend longer than ever in the cold North Pacific ocean.

Moving into this time of year our wave size and consistency increases. We also have less crowds on the beach. There is snow on the mountain tops and sometimes on the beach. This makes it my favourite time of year to surf because you get an amazing sense of achievement after battling the ocean.


Pre and post surf rituals become more and more important. Making sure you have had ample nutrition and hydration before you enter the water. Plan to get out once you start to feel cold, keeping those fingers and toes moving. Out of the wetsuit with dry clothes and warm fluids shortly after are the key.

Here at Swell we run Lessons and Rentals all through the winter, we carry the best wetsuits and equipment to keep you warm in the colder months. Get gloves, boots and hoods all in your size, we even have them for the kids.  Pop into the shop or give us a call and our instructors can talk you through the best locations to surf each day.


Come and experience the winter West Coast with us and you might just score a snowy surf session or sunset.

Stoaked for winter – Aran & The Swell Team

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