Winter Surf in Tofino

October 21st, 2021

Winter Surf in Tofino

Winter Surf in Tofino

The fall/winter are great seasons to surf in Tofino, this time of the year is when we have the bigger waves and consistent swells in town.

For more experienced surfers, you can consider this season to progress and challenge yourself. 

However, this season can also be interesting for beginners, you will always find some conditions to surf and a strong whitewater to practice your pop-up/balance/stand on the board.


Where to surf in the winter in Tofino?

With the big swells in town, you have more options to surf considering your skills level.

The swell through most part of the winter will get to Mackenzie, so you will have possibilities to choose between:

  • Long Beach
  • Cox Bay
  • North Chesterman
  • Mackenzie Beach 

With that being said, Long Beach and Cox bay will always have bigger waves and the swell breaks down a little in North Chesterman and Mackenzie. But let’s keep in mind that the ocean is a constantly changing environment and we can get swells from different directions, that will give you different conditions on the beach.


Is it safe to surf in the winter in Tofino?

Yes of course! The west coast definitely experiences storms through the winter, but we will always advise the customers where to go surfing, choosing a safe environment based on the surfer’s skills and experience.


The rain

The rain should not affect your choice about going surfing or not, just have in mind: if it’s raining outside mind as well just go to the water with a warm and cozy wetsuit.


The wind

The wind can be challenging, also does not mean that makes it dangerous for surfing. But over 25knts it gets too messy out there and it can be hard to carry the boards around. 

That’s why we always check conditions and if your surf lesson is canceled by weather conditions you will get a full refund or a chance to book for another day.


What should you expect from winter surf in Tofino 

Lots of fun! 

We will load you up with a warm wetsuit/boots/gloves/hood and the proper board for your surfing experience.

Our neoprene gear is all 5mm, to guarantee that you can stay a long time on the water.


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